The waiting time for the first appointment is approximately 2 months. We do not book further than 3 months ahead. If you want your appointment later, do not send your form right now. We highly suggest to book multiple appointments in advance. This prevents from waiting another 2 months between each sessions once the project is started. It is possible, on demand, to book 2 consecutive days of tattooing to get the project done faster. Jimmy's schedule is from Tuesday to Saturday and all appointments start at 10 AM. Please note that Saturday's are booked very fast so the waiting time might be longer. Sessions are usually about 6 hours of tattooing excluding breaks, lunch and preparation. Consultations are usually not required before the appointment, unless the artist decided he needs one. The design will be done on the first appointment. 


First Session


Upon arrival at the first appointment, you will discuss your project with Jimmy and begin building the design. This will be done via Photoshop so you will have a visual of the final result on your body. It is important to remain open-minded in order to leave creative freedom to the artist. This step usually takes couple of hours. Once the conception part is done, the tattooing will begin.The sessions are usually a duration of about 6 hours of tattooing excluding breaks, lunch and preparation. In order to advance as much as possible your piece but on the first appointment the tattooing part may be shorter depending on the time spent for the conception. It is important to plan a full day for the appointments as the time of release is indeterminate.

Pricing / Deposit

The price is 180$ per hour in CAD taxes included.

We have a minimum price of 170$ a day for a piece that needs less than 1 hour.

At the appointment you can pay cash or by E-transfer.

An estimate of the numbers of sessions needed will be made on the first appointment depending on the complexity of the design.

While designing the project we do not charge, we start charging once the tattooing starts.

If the project is selected you will receive an email with a date for the appointment and a deposit request of 200 $. The appointment will be confirmed when the deposit is received. It is possible, on demand, to modify the date we sent you. The deposit will be taken off the total price of your last appointment of the project. The whole is just to make sure you are taking your appointment seriously. In case you need a consultation, you will receive an email with a date and no deposit request. The deposit will be left at the consultation if you agree with Jimmy’s idea.