we are taking applications for the collab with derek turcotte only

*** Unfortunately Luka’s booking is closed for any other date. We will post as soon as the booking is opened again. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your interest in our shop and the trust you are showing us. We are working very hard to make sure you have the best experience possible while getting the best quality on your skin.

If you agree with the above, you will have to fill a form that we created for you to explain your project. This step makes it easier and time saving for everyone since we will get all the informations we need. 

We are trying to be as clear as possible so you won’t be left with unanswered questions. Getting tattooed is already stressful so once these procedures are done, we promise you will have a good time at the shop and enjoy your experience. 

First Session

Luka and Derek will work are already working on the design so no consultation is necessary. It is important to remain open-minded in order to leave creative freedom to the artist. It is important to plan a full day for the appointments as the time of release is indeterminate.

Pricing / Deposit

The price will be emailed to you once the project is selected.

An estimate of the sessions will be made on the first appointment depending on the complexity of the design.

At the appointment we accept cash payment and E-transfers, we do not accept Paypal.

If the project is selected you will receive an email with a date for the appointment and a deposit request of 300 $. The appointment will be confirmed when the deposit is received. The deposit will be taken off the total price of your last appointment of the project. This is just to make sure you are taking your appointment seriously.

**The forms will be answered Tuesday-Wednesday, thank you very much.